ICT Division Stories

Applying the belief that advancement is attained when we work together.

Some of the ways that Hanwha Systems ICT Division fulfills its corporate social responsibilities include forming mutually beneficial relationships with our partner companies,
sponsoring study rooms, offering matching grants, volunteering at centers for multicultural families, and providing special education services to the less privileged.

Winning Partnerships

  • Supporting shared growth and fair trade
    Our commitment to shared growth with our business partners includes signing
    fair trade agreements, holding informal gatherings with them, offering them
    financial support and technical training, and improving our payment conditions.
  • Win-Win Cooperation Academy
    We offer a broad range of educational opportunities to all the employees of our
    partner companies. They include technology training and seminars.
  • Win-Win Business Development Center
    We operate the Win-Win Business Development Center to build and strengthen
    our business foundations for shared growth among small, large and
    medium-sized enterprises. By inaugurating the G-Valley (Guro and Gasan Digital
    Complexes) Win-Win Network Council for win-win cooperation with SMEs at
    G-Valley, we are also combining technologies, developing new businesses and
    promoting joint arketing activities.

Social Contribution

  • Employee Talent Donation
    We offer educational and training opportunities in IT informatization to employees
    of smaller companies, irregular and production workers, the self-employed, and
    multicultural families. We practice social sharing through IT by offering video career
    mentoring sessions to students in educationally disadvantaged areas.
  • Social contribution activities
    Our social contribution activities include a kimchi making campaign and a rice
    sharing event. We also offer financial supports for after-school study rooms for
    low-income children. More than one hundred of our employees act as volunteer
    teachers at these facilities every year.
  • Social contribution programs by employees
    We run the “Happy Social Contribution” programs that allow our employees to form
    teams and fully participate in social contribution activities, from planning to execu-tion
    . Personally initiated by our employees, these activities provide added sincerity
    to social contributions.
  • Matching Grants
    We operate a “Making a Brighter World Fund” matching grant program to raise
    funds for various social contribution activities