Win-win Management

Hanwha Systems ICT Division is a growing company based on the faith and fidelity.

Mutual Policies

The company operates the mutual cooperation office to form the eco-system with large, mid- and small companies, sets up and supports the accompanied growth policies, discovers and promotes the mutual business for partners and manages strategic partnership.

Observe 4 guidelines
for fair trade

Hanwha Systems ICT Division implements 4 guidelines for the fair trade, strictly observes the subcontract act and tries not to cause unfair issues to subcontractors during the trade.

Partner selection and

Regulation on the prior disclosure
of the selection criteria and procedure
for the subcontractor
and granting fair trade initiation

Document issue and

Prepare standard forms for
various documents, regulation on
prior document publication and


Regulation on the selection
criteria for signing the contract
and clear due date setup in
signing the contract

Setup and operation of the
internal review board on the
subcontractor trade

Regulation on prior review of the
legality in signing the contract
with more than a certain amount

Use standard
subcontract agreement

Hanwha Systems ICT Division uses the standard subcontract agreement proposed by the Fair Trade Commission
to minimize the legal violation and seek the convenience in the contract preparation.

Fair training for consignment and
assignment at the company level

Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the 'subcontract act' training for all the employees and directors to set up the fair
trade orderwith subcontractors and additionally provides external lectures to set up the fair trade environment and
mutual growth culture

Ethical Management

Hanwha Systems ICT Division has prepared the ethical management confirmation to set up transparent trade order and
sound business culture in performing all the trade acts like signing the agreement.

Nurture CP business expert

Hanwha Systems ICT Division nurtures CP business experts and secures the capabilities for the integrated operation
of the law observance, as well as ethical and sustainable business administration

Mutual Support

Hanwha Systems ICT Division fully supports the co-existence.
The company forms and supports the co-existence fund, runs the co-existence and cooperation academy and provides volunteering activities to make the warm society.

  • Form and support
    mutual funds

    Hanwha Systems ICT Division forms
    the support for the mutual growth
    and supports the operating fund for subcontractors and capacity-building
    activities (R&D, new project
    investment, etc.).

  • Run the mutual
    cooperation academy

    The company freely supports
    online training to enhance specialties
    and technical abilities of employees
    and directors of subcontractors.

  • Joint volunteering

    Hanwha Systems ICT Division implements and takes social
    responsibility with subcontractors like
    sharing rice, briquettes and
    kimchi for neighbors.

  • Regular workshops
    and meetings with

    Share mutual business information
    with subcontractors through regular
    workshops and discussions, listen to
    and collect various complaints and
    opinions to compact the ground for
    the mutual growth.

Mutual Business

Hanwha Systems ICT Division plays a role as the control tower to discover excellent subcontractors through unifying the gateway for the mutual cooperation activities, develop new businesses through the combination of homogeneous / heterogeneous technologies and set up the joint brand (marketing).

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