Hanwha Systems ICT Division width it's employees equipped with the challenge, contribution adn rightness

Right People

Hanwha people with challengeNot in the existing frame and seek the best through change and innovation

  • Who actively develop themselves to be the best in the field

    • Set up short- and long-term goal for self-development and fully seek opportunity / plan to achieve goals
    • Frequently check desired task / part and trend changes in the desired affiliates
    • Accumulate basic knowledge and experience to be an expert in the desired field and
      seek wisdom from mentors for desired task
  • Who find new ideas and opportunities with open mindset and creativity

    • Try new things to expand ideas beyond current ones
    • Seek improvement in the current status and effort and better solutions
    • Listen to and collect opinions from various people with open mindset
  • Who set up challenging goals with confidence

    • Understand the purpose of the challenging goal in the company and set up challenging personal goal
    • Set up specific goals in phase to achieve goals and follow the track
    • Prepare to learn lessons from failure

Hanwha people with dedicationMatter company, customer and colleagues and do their best for big goals

  • Who think us and common goals first

    • Recognize the development in the organization as the development in oneself and link the
      personal goal to organizational goal
    • Fully exert all the potential / capabilities to achieve goals
    • Fully join to achieve common goals rather than individual goals with others
  • Who keep promise with customers and create values

    • Judge the behavior and decision-making based on needs from customer / subject
    • Keep monitoring / providing feedback on customer / subject opinions and reflect them on the project
    • Think about how to impress customers and find best practice for customer impression
  • Who believe potential with community spirit

    • Fully distribute one’s know-how for common improvement
    • Help as much as possible if you receive request for mission
    • Help someone with difficulties first

Hanwha people with integrityFairly act based on principles and pride

  • Who faithfully act with principles with no narrow sight

    • Faithfully report with no falsification
    • Monitor own behavior and correct issues if happened
    • Make decision while considering short- and long-term aspects
  • Who fairly treat others based on capability and performance

    • Faithfully accept performance and capability of others
    • Objectively accept feedback from others and make improvement by oneself
    • Understand objective aspects of others rather than personal relation and
      perform mission based on organization / team

Personnel Management System

Personnel Management SystemFair and transparent HR system for mutual growth

  • Transform non-regular to regular workers

    Hanwha fully shifted 2,043 non-regular workers to regular posts at the end of January 2013, the first one of top Korean 10 companies

    • This reduces the portion of non-regular workers from 17% to 10.4% and the figure is about 1/3 of 33.8%,
      the nationwide non-regular workers and significantly low compared to 25% of the OECD average. Also, the women account for 60% of the transformation and the company does its best to upgrade the social status of women emerged as social issues.
  • Performance-based HR system, promotion and compensation structure

    Hanwha’s posts are based on task values rather than the seniority and salary class

    • Unlike the previous system based on the retention period, the company has adapted advanced HR system
      based on task values which sets up posts based on performance, achievement and task values of the
      Hanwha promotes an employee when a person with proven capability and performance in the current posi-
      tion moves to a upper post or the value of the current task improves and evaluates the individual capability,
      performance and potential based on fair and strict procedure.
      In particular, the company introduces the fast-track system to provide faster promotion to people with excel-
      lent achievement and performance and to give more chances to talented employees.
      The company reorganized the compensation structure to encourage challenges and achievement of company
      vision and provides spot bonus for excellent employees.

Training system

Training systemTraining system to help Hanwha people grow

  • Employee training program

    Global Talent Program

    • Hanwha provides the global talent program which dispatch excellent new employees to foreign branches and corporates to enhance global capability and nurture next-generation leaders. After the strong job off the 3 months, the employees works in the US, Germany, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Iraq or the core parts of the global business for 1 – 2 years. After that, the company supports them as excellent HR through the additional career development program (CDP).


    • The Hanwha Pre Manager Program (HPMP) for all the new employees provides job training and loyalty program for the novices.
  • Training program for managers

    Local expert

    • Hanwha Group introduces the local expert system who dispatches managers overseas to understand local culture and business if there needs to review new projects in each affiliate. The local expert stays overseas for 1 – 2 years, draws a blueprint for the global business and grows as next global leaders.

    Foreign study program (MBA, Sloan, master / doctoral course)

    • The company supports overseas studying program in global top universities for managers and team leaders with high understanding of group businesses and global capability. The job off is provided up to 3 months and the company supports 20m KRW maximum for test application and form. Also, the company provides supports for tuition, as well as salary and living expenses.
  • Training for team leader and director

    EMBA, AMP, core HR nurturing

    • Hanwha systematically support training like EMBA for team leaders and AMP for directors and selects leader and director candidates every year and provides core HR program focusing on the leadership and capability to nurture group leaders.
      * AMP (Advanced Management Program, leading CEO program)

Welfare system

Welfare systemWelfare system making Hanwha people happy

  • Careful welfare for working moms

    The happiness in a family is from the happiness of mother.

    • Hanwha matters welfare systems for delivery and childcare and provides welfare systems for female workers first. It stimulates pregnancy / delivery by supporting pregnant treatment and operation and provides less working hours for pregnant employees and helps healthy delivery with Hanwha Mom’s Package with supports.
      The company provides careful consideration and policies like optional working system during the infant care, childcare center in the company and lactating room and supports happiness and safety with leave around the school age and day for family.
      * The system depends on affiliates.
  • Heartfelt welfare system for families

    Hanwha believes the true welfare system must cover families of employees

    • The company introduces ‘Refresh leave system’ up to 10 days to spend time with family despite busy schedule. To this end, the group provides services / leisure activities in the group like Hanwha Resort with the price for employees or supports benefits for employees during the refresh time through welfare points. Also, each affiliate provides the Family Day system to form the environment for the work and family and the time to spend time with families and friends in the evening.

Enjoy, hard-working Hanwha people

  • Refresh leave

    Encourage to spend Encourage to spend vacation up to 10 business days vacation up to 10 business days

  • Tuition for children

    Tuition support from middle school to university

  • Galleria online mall, offline discount

    Galleria Mall and Department Store, discount for employees

  • Medical checkup

    For employees and their spouses

  • Group insurance

    Cover illnesses and injuries

  • Presents for anniversaries

    Birthday, wedding anniversary, Labor’s day, Company

  • Vacation / support for family affairs

    Support vacation and support for family occasions

  • Long retention

    For 10 / 20 / 30 years of retention and voucher for overseas travel

  • Club activities

    Support club activities in affiliates

  • Company childcare center

    For employees

  • Shuttle bus

    Group HQ (Janggyo-dong), Yeouido

  • Research paper and certificate support

    Research paper publication / international certificate application support and award

  • Mentoring

    Designate excellent superior as mentor to support early settlement and growth

  • 1 year anniversary for new employees

    Celebrate 1 year anniversary of employment with colleagues

  • Refresh Room

    Celebrate 1 year anniversary of employment with colleagues

  • Sabbatical month

    1 month of sabbatical month (vacation) for long-term retention of 10 / 20 / 30 years

Organization Culture

Smart & Creative, open culture of Hanwha Systems ICT Division in transition

Smart Organization culture

  • Smart Work : Support smart working environment for employees
    • - Smart Office : Set up wireless LAN in all the office environment and introduce the variable seat system
    • - Smart Portal : Set up 'collaboration portal' for the smart collaboration among employees
  • Flexible working system : Consider the self-development time and work for smart employees and set up
    free working time

Creative organization culture

  • Free clothes : Seek the open and creative mindset of employees with clothes (casual) in the TPO
  • Family Day : Secure the regular leave twice a week for Work and Life Balance (WLB) to secure creative lives of