Ethical Management

The company provides the best products and services based on the trust

Code Of Ethics

Attitude toward customer

The company prioritizes the customer satisfaction and customer belief.

A. Customer respect
  • The company always thinks and acts for the customer, provides the best products and services for the customer satisfaction and belief and tries to realize the customer satisfaction.
  • The company provides exact information in the product and service and does not provide excessive or false promotion.
B. Customer protection
  • The company protects the customer profit, safety and privacy and does not perform improper acts to the customer.
  • The company respects and follows relevant regulations on the customer protection.

Attitude toward competitors and subcontractors

The company respects the free competition principle and contributes to the fair industry development. Also, the company seeks the joint development based on the mutual trust with subcontractors.

A. Fair competition with competitors
  • The company respects fair and free market economy order based on the free competition principle and fairly competes with competitors.
  • The company respects the fair trade order and observes regulations on the fair trade.
B. Fair trade with subcontractors
  • The company sets up the mutual trust and cooperation with subcontractors to seek the joint development.
  • The company tries to set up sound subcontract trade order based on the mutual trust and cooperation and does not perform unfair subcontract trade.
  • The company does not force any type of unfair acts or wield influence with the dominant position.
C. For mutual development
  • The company fully supports the subcontractor to be developed with the competitiveness through the technical support and business instruction and mutually shares the profit through the innovation.
  • The company forms the clean trade culture and mutually cooperates with subcontractors to maintain the fair trade order.

Responsibility to employees

The company respects the individual dignity of all the company members and tries to upgrade the quality of lives.

A. Human respect
  • The company treats every employee as the independent human with the trust and affection toward them.
  • The company does its best for the employees to achieve their pride and worth through work based on the owner spirit.
  • The company seeks required measures like setting up the system, training and instruction for the employees to perform their duties with fair methods.
B. Fair treatment
  • The company does not unfairly discriminate employees (blood ties, regionalism, school connections, religions, age, disability, marital status, etc.) and provides fair opportunities based on their capabilities and qualifications.
  • The company prepares the evaluation criteria for the capability, talent and achievement of the employees for fair assessment and compensation.
C. Set up working environment
  • The company tries to maintain the health and safe working environment for its employees.
  • The company respects the autonomy and creativity of each individual employee, fairly grants the opportunity to upgrade his/her skills and supports the HR nurturing and self-realization.
  • The company respects the independent personalities and basic rights of each employee and forms the environment for free proposal and suggestion.

Social responsibility

The company actively contributes to the sound development and environment preservation of the country and society.

A. Observation of local and foreign regulations
  • The company observes various local regulations and international regulations as a member of the country and local community.
B. Contribution to the national economy and social development
  • The company contributes to the national economy and social development by upgrading the productivity, creating jobs, faithfully paying taxes and social contributions.
C. Environment preservation
  • The company tries to protect the nature and preserve the clean environment.

Index Of Actions For Employees


The company sets up the 'index of actions' to implement 'charter of ethics' and 'code of ethics' and observes 'basic ethics of employees' and to set them up as the principle in the standard for right value judgment and act for all the employees. All the employees shall thoroughly observe the 'index of action' to perform company tasks.

Definitions of terms

A. Money and valuables
  • It means cash, marketable securities and other economic benefit provision.
B. Entertainment
  • It means the treatment like the meal, drinking, recreation and sports.
C. Convenience
  • It means the support other than the money and valuables and entertainment treatment like the transport, accommodation and travel guide.

Index of action

A. Faithful performance and dignity maintenance
  • The employee makes decisions and performs tasks within his/her authority, predicts and manages possible risks and takes the responsibility for the problem.
  • The employee tries not to cause any relation or act compromising the interest of the company and puts the company interest first if the personal or departmental interest conflicts.
  • The company does not falsify or modify documents in all the business activities and falsely report to company directors.
  • The employee is not permitted to work in another company (holding more than one office, sideline, outside work) without the approval from the company.
  • The employee does hot hold political activities during the work time, does not use the company organization, HR and properties for the political purpose and makes the company not misunderstood of the political opinion or involvement as the company viewpoint.
  • The employee does not enter the place judged as inappropriate for the social ethics and does not perform unsound activities.
B. Fair and transparent work
  • The employee shall not provide money and valuables or ask favors which may affect the fair performance of the company.
  • It is prohibited to make any financial transaction among employees because this may create distrust among them, cause financial damage and hamper the atmosphere.
  • It is basically prohibited to give and take money and valuables, improper presents and entertainment among employees but the socially accepted presents and expenditure for congratulations and condolences are exempted (Ex: The gift or expenditure for the wedding, birthday and farewell shall not be forced or arbitrarily assigned and the voluntary participation is permitted without exceeding the social wisdom).
  • It is prohibited to give personal gift with the intention of favor to the superior.
  • The employee shall not give and take money and valuables exceeding the commonly accepted level.
  • The employee shall not receive the treatment or convenience or act over commonly accepted level.
  • The employee shall not notify the congratulations and condolences of the stakeholders which may affect the task.

※ 'Commonly accepted level' means the level which may be understood at the common sense level and the degree without burden on the recipient for fair task
(Refer to the specific guideline for the employee)

C. Observe sound and fair trade order
  • The employee shall make all the transactions fair at the mutually equal positions.
  • The employee does not request or provide any type of unfair compensation.
  • The employee secures the equal opportunity for qualified subcontractors and selects them based on the reasonable procedure with fair and objective standards.
  • The employee shall not unilaterally sever the transaction with unfair method or unfair decision or modification of the price for the subcontractor.
D. Company asset and information protection
  • The employee shall protect physical properties, intellectual properties and business secret of the company and shall not use them for personal purposes.
  • The employee shall execute expenses with the corporate card and use the card based on standards for the expenses.
  • The employee shall not personally spend company expenses like meeting cost for private purposes.
  • The employee shall not use company properties and facilities for the purpose with any relation to the company.
  • The employee shall not take unfair trade with the closed information from the company for the private purposes.
  • The employee shall not disclose important information which may affect the company profit outside.
  • The employee shall not distort or harm the information or distribute false truth.
  • The customer information shall not be disclosed outside the company without the customer consent and normal procedure of the company.
E. For the organization culture with mutual trust and respect
  • The employee shall not perform any act or language which may damage sound relationship among employees including the physical, verbal or visual language or act which may give displeasure to others.
  • The employee respects individual privacy and shall not slander or defame others.
F. Settle the corporate culture with rule of ethics
  • The employee shall notify to his/her superior or department in charge of the ethical management if he or she sees that the act of others violates the rule of ethics.

Wrong Reporting

Hanwha Systems ICT Division makes the clean society with no corruption and graft.
The information from the customer helps Hanwha Systems ICT Division putting the ethical business first.
The act which violates the rule of ethics is quickly and fairly treated and the secret is thoroughly kept

  • Local and foreign sites and affiliates of Hanwha Systems/ICT
Information type
  • Peculation and bride of employees
  • Unethical treatment by the employee
  • Money, valuable and entertainment request or provision
  • Unfair share participation in non-listed subcontractors
  • Double positions of the employee
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