Smart Biz

Smart Building

The Hanwha Systems ICT Division Smart Building Project can realize the smart work and green energy building by the convergence of the cutting-edge IT solutions and building automation
technologies. In particular, the Eagle IBS solution independently developed by Hanwha Systems ICT Division integrates the individual Building Automation (BA), Total Security (TS) and ICT
infrastructure (TC) to realize the smart building operation and management and save the building operation cost.


BABA & Energy Saving | Building Automation
Web-based single monitoring and control
system for the intelligent building operation
  • System Integration (SI),
    integrated monitoring system
  • Mobile-based facility management system (FMS)
  • Machine and facility control
  • Power / lightings control
  • Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
  • Big data-based analysis solution
TSTotal Security
Set up the intelligent monitoring
system to enhance the security
  • Intelligent CCTV, access control
  • Parking monitoring, parking point
  • Visitor management system
  • Network security system
High-speed system infrastructure
  • Office Automation
    (IoT, groupware, cloud)
  • IT exchanger system
  • Building guidance system
  • Integrated wiring, CATV,
    SB broadcasting
Provide the Bring Your Own
Device (BYOD) environment
  • Wireless network setup
  • Video-conference system, AV,
    multimedia facility
  • Cloud and big data-based


IBS-Integrated SI (Intelligent Building System)
System which integrates and manages various and independent BAS like the facility,
power and lightings controls in the building into a single system

[Major function]

Integrated monitoring and control, system link, alarm, etc.
Mobile FMS (Facility Management System)
Working system for the facility manager and operation team which computerizes the
working schedule, output registration, facility status and material status for the systematic operation

[Major function]

Work management, facility management, lease management, etc.
Building Automation System (BAS)
System controlling / monitoring major building components like the HVAC, power and lightings with the computer (mainly dependent on the manufacturer and implemented with the single application)

[Major function]

Single monitoring / control
Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
Analyze the data from the AMI and IBS and find the energy-saving elements for the overall management
(Provide regular consulting and report analysis service after the setup)

[Major function]]

Energy analysis, energy consumption visualization, energy use report
Integrated Security System
Set up the intelligent security system for the access control to internal / external personnel and the intelligent CCTV for the best security service

[Major function]]

Real-time monitoring (access control, CCTV), access history check, etc.
IT Infrastrucutre
Set up the ultra high-speed network for the SMART WORK and
enhance the working efficiency by the wireless LAN environment

[Major function]]

BYOD, videoconferencing, wireless LAN, etc.


Upgrade the building value by the
intelligent building realization
Secure the efficiency and feasibility
in the building maintenance
Enhance work working efficiency by the
ultra high-speed network environment

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory Project of Hanwha Systems ICT Division is to implement the predictable factory based on the data. The project combines various cutting-edge technologies based on the factory automation and information projects from various Hanwha factories for a long time and contributes to the efficient factory with the virtuous circle of 'Connection (detection) - Analysis - Prediction - Implementation'.


  • Factory Layer Aspectmore

    [Level 3 (Management)]
    Factory intelligence area including the MES and various systems and solution area for the efficient factory operation and management
    [Level 2 (Control)]
    Control system area in the factory including the facility control, PLC, DCS, CIM, HMI and SCADA
    [Level 1 (Field)]
    Production and manufacturing facility, process logistics facility, utility facility, sensors installed with the facility, robot,
    AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), device and field area in the factory like the actuator
    Smart Factory main business field

    Smart Factory main business field

  • Service Fieldmore

    Consulting service to set up plan-based efficiency factory and IT master plan for the factory
    • 1) Short-term consulting: Consulting to find out improvements and solution to certain area of the factory and issues within 4 weeks
    • 2) Factory ISP: IT strategic plan and PI consulting for the factory IT and OT
    Setup service including the prior review on the introduction of the factory layer-specific systems and solutions
    IT and OT outsourcing service for the efficient operation
  • New Technologymore

    [Industrial IoT]
    IoT service to solve various data sensing and network problems in the field & control level for the data collection and set up the real-time data collection system for the management area expansion
    System setup service in the area of the preservation for the purpose of various process quality analysis and forecasting-based facility preservation from the production process
    Service for reviewing the introduction of technologies like the machine learning, mobile device, AR, VR and 3D for the factory intelligence


Contribute to the efficient production by the
standardization and integration of the factory
process, IT and OT systems
Set up the real-time factory
decision-making system based
on the data
Set up mid- and long-term efficient factory
operation to implement systematic and
sustainable factory operation


Smart Learning

Welearning, the education business brand of Hanwha Systems ICT Division, provides the platform setup and lease and smart learning services based on the smart learning platform (H-Platform) combining latest training trend and cutting-edge technologies. The system prioritizes the HR development for the actual performance improvement of the company,
provides systems and contents and has provided experiences stable and successful HRD service support with more than 1,000 partners since it began providing the training service in 2001.
Also, the company has the largest number of local contents amounting to 10,000 and provides practical and distinct smart learning services through the contents curation service or strong tailor-made service.


Welearning provides the integrated training solution from the formal learning like the online/offline training and contents development, HRD solution development / setup to the informal learning and supports the performance-oriented and distinct solutions by the combination of IT and training contents.
Welearning has led the edutech market with the combination of various cutting-edge IT technologies and training like the smart training center (H-Platform), Social Learning, Content Curation and Augmented Reality (AR) and kept upgrading customer competitiveness and values.


  • Set up and Lease Smart Learning Center (H-Platform) Systemmore

    • It is the creative solution to nurture future HR with the all-in-one system which supports online, in-house, site and personal training.

      • Any Time, Any DeviceLinked training online and offline

        Study any time and

      • Active LearningActive learning in the group training

        Learner-centered classroom
        like discussions and group activities

      • Contents ToolSite-centered on-time learning

        Industrial contents
        production with flip-learning
        training and design

      • Customer-Made TrainingCManagement based on
        individual capacity

        Tailor-made training through
        learner analysis

    • The H-Platform is provided with 2 models including the customizing service which reflects the systems and features of the customer and the
      leasing service with the ASP for the application.

      System and service diagram

      System and service diagram

      Setup example

      Setup example image - Hanwha Techwin Smart Learning Center, Hanwha HRD Smart Learning Center

  • E-HRD and Capacity Diagnosis System more

    • Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the capacity diagnosis system consists of the E-HRD system which provides various training supports and effectively manages the learning contents and the capacity diagnosis service which diagnoses capacities of employees and directors to set up the effective CDP/IDP.

    • The company contains the largest amount of contents in Korea in the aspect of the E-HRD and capacity diagnosis system setup, sets up and provide the E-HRD and capacity diagnosis system for the flexible and efficient handling of the environment change as a specialist in the training system.

      E-HRD system diagram

      E-HRD system diagram

      Setup example

      Setup example image  -NH e-Chaeum campus, SNUH integrated training system
Web/mobile integration environment, Hanwha Life FP training system setup, Wooribank training portal system Provide training and knowledge integration solution

  • Cyber Training Center Lease (ASP) Servicemore

    • Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the ASP service to about 1,000 commissioned training customers and customized lease service for systems and features of each customer.
    • The ASP service consists of 2 models like the integrated service with the commissioned training and the leasing service only with the cyber training center and provides stable services 24-7 based on the management system by system engineers.
    [Status of major customers]
    고객사-미래에셋증권, KB국민은행, MG새마을금고, 유한킴벌리, 하나카드, 우리은행, LG전자, SC제일은행, 한화생명, 한화테크윈, 한화리조트, 한화케미칼, 한화인재경영
  • Commissioned Education Service more

    • HRD consulting (Capacity diagnosis and analysis, HRD planning and training system)
    • Training service and integration HRD (HRD BPO) service for training companies (B2B)
    • Curriculum services like the finance, MBA, business administration, core, legal requirement, IT, certificate, human studies and languages
  • Contents Development and Sales more

    • Develop, lease and sell e-Learning contents
    • e-Learning outsourcing service
    • Plan, develop and provide in-house training


Welearning provides the HRD total solution to contribute to upgrading the business performance based on the combination of the IT and training. The customer can implement and manage smart learning with Welearning solutions and provide training in line with the latest trend.
In particular, the H-Platform or the smart learning center system is the creative training solution to nurture future HR for the company and is the flip-learning platform which combines the 'online learning - teaching system' and 'offline discussion - participation learning'.
The customer can shift the unidirectional training where the customer only receives contents to the self-driven learning through the H-Platform. The platform has 2 types like the tailor-made system for the system setup in line with the customer strategy or ASP lease for the cost effectiveness. The customer can select the system depending on the preference for effective and performance-oriented HRD.

Smart Work

Hanwha Systems ICT Division Smart Work brings the culture for the smart work. The system utilizes IT technologies to eliminate inefficiencies from the working culture and environment and sets up the real-time communication and collaboration environment with no time / spatial restrictions. The company upgrades the productivity and efficiency through the real-time performance and communication by eliminating the border of workplace, working space and time and the employee can upgrade the satisfaction with the balance of the work and life.

*See Example Go to PR Gallery


The system implements the mobility, real-time communication and productive collaboration to eliminate the working inefficiencies and set up the mobility-based working space, working culture and system to upgrade the productivity.
Working method change = Place(Where to work) + People(How to work) + Technology


  • MOBILITYmore

    Wireless environment, mobile groupware based on the user convenience, consulting on variable seats, spatial composition consulting

    [Wireless environment]
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division sets up the systematic wireless environment to form the unique working environment any time and anywhere. The system provides rapid and efficient work and safe environment from various threats in the reliable security environment.
    Wireless environment setup
    Wireless network
    • Wireless controller (redundancy)
      • - Automate and control wireless setup and management
      • - Provide efficient roaming and data backup(log analysis, shadow area, etc.)
    • AP(Access Point)
      • - Use Internet service with no additional network setup
      • - Keep Internet service consistency through roaming
    WIPS (wireless security)
    • WIPS : Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (redundancy)
      • - Wireless threat detection and control on the wireless network infrastructure
      • - Malicious AP and client ad-hoc connection detection and control
      • - Wireless cracking detection and wireless infrastructure service monitoring
    BYOD (wireless authentication)
    • BYOD : Bring Your Own Device
      • - User integration authentication management (AD account)
      • - Device management
      • - Web-based wireless infrastructure use
    Wireless NMS (wireless monitoring)
    • NMS : Network Management System
      • - Integrated monitoring from network to wireless devices
      • - Connection performance for areas / devices and real-time troubleshooting
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division Smart Work introduces the variable seat system to eliminate the spatial inefficiency from the designated seat system and forms the space for effectiveness, creativity, simplicity, smooth communication, work flow and privacy.
    Also, the system provides the mobile environment which secures the working continuity during the movement for the real-time collaboration. The employees and directors can use applications for each function like the email, approval and board in the mobile environment and save desired applications and contents through the mobile portal. Also, all the applications can be downloaded from Hanwha App Store for easy and convenient use.
    Develop 7 Apps

    Develop 7 Apps

  • Real Time Communication더보기

    Set up the integrated system for the schedule / email / meeting management, online / mobile communication and messenger for multiple meetings

    Hanwha Systems ICT Division Smart Work sets up the messenger system for various communication channels like the video conference, chatting and messenger for the environment with rapid communication and collaboration regardless of the location.

    [Integrated system for schedule / mail / meeting management]
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division smart work enables simple and rapid schedule shearing and online meeting convention through the integrated management system.

    Integrated system for schedule / mail / meeting management

    [Online / mobile, multi-lateral communication system]
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division smart work provides the messenger system for various ways of dialogs like the videoconference, chatting and messenger and provides the fast communication and cooperation environment regardless of the location.
    Multi-lateral meeting messenger

    Multi-lateral meeting messenger

  • Productive Collaboration 더보기

    Set up the cloud-based collaboration system

    [Cloud-based collaboration system]
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division Smart Work enables the real-time collaboration and sharing through the clear working instruction, data search, expert search and SNS and realizes the communication among various stakeholders in the online space.

    Cloud-based collaboration system


The system can create performance through changing working environment like making working information asset, horizontal communication among stakeholders and upgrading work speed and quality.

Classification Qualitative effect Quantitative effect1)
infrastructure and
variable seats
  • Effective use of workspace
  • Work consistency and mobility
  • Save operating cost
  • 25% more working space (540m2 → 700m2)
  • 45% more capacity (90 → 130)
  • Save office lease
  • Save wired network setup from organization reshuffling
meeting culture
  • Save time for meeting preparation
  • Improve meeting culture through schedule sharing
  • Quicker work process and decision-making
  • Less time for meeting preparation
    - 38.8 hours / person per year2)
Collaboration portal
(document collaboration /
sharing, SNS, expert searching)
  • Save time for report collection and report
  • Make company task asset
  • Easy searching for information and experts to upgrade the processing
  • SNS for more communication among employees
  • Work process improvement and speed
  • Less document production of 55,000 per month from document distribution improvement
  • Less document printout (192 → 44 per capita for 8 months)
  • Formal upgrade by 20% (MS)
  • Informal upgrade by 14% (MS)
More real-time
  • Immediate meeting beyond time and space
  • Less long-distance travel and save travelling time
  • Quick response to issues and events
  • 5 – 30% less for long-distance travel
  • Videoconference between HQ and local sites to save 30m KRW and 600 hours a year
  • Save wired telephone construction from organizational reshuffling
  • Save 28 minutes / day / person for communication (MS)
  • Note 1) POSCO, Microsoft Korea smart work (Source: Best practice of smart work in 2012 – KITA)
  • Note 2) S&C meeting preparation survey and survey by Women’s Newspaper in December 11, 2015

Smart Environment

Hanwha Systems ICT Division systematically manages the water purification facility, sewage treatment facility and waste process with ICT and cutting-edge processes. The integrated environment management system of the company upgrades the value of nature with eco-friendly methods to provide clean and fresh water and restore the circulation system in the nature.


There have been changes in the legal system to preserve the fresh water and natural environment in Korea and now, it is very important to secure solutions to more stable and cost-effective water treatment.
The total solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division effectively manages and integrates the water for communities and sufficiently supplies the fresh and clean water.


  • Sewage and Simple Public Sewage Treatment: HGJ-R Processmore

    The water quality standard for the water drainage from the simple public sewage treatment facility was newly established and implemented in July 2014 to prevent streams and rivers from the contamination due to illegal discharge of the sewage with contaminants in the rain. The HGJ-R process co-developed by Hanwha Systems ICT Division and Gyeongju City quickly purifies the incoming rainwater within 15 minutes and is the most effectively solution so far.

    Process diagram

    Process diagram


    Rapid sewage treatment technology- Save the cost, Various application, Eco-friendly process, Excellent, Minimize installation site withthe fastest treatment , treatment efficiency

    Suspended substance (SS) treatment efficiency

    Suspended substance (SS) treatment efficiency - Sewage 97%, Sewage + rainwater 97.8%, Lake water 86.2%

  • Waste Water Treatment: HMP Processmore

    In December 2011, the waste disposal into the ocean was strongly prohibited at the international level as the ocean environment management regulations were revised by the London Protocol and it was totally prohibited from disposal of the livestock excretions and wastewater into the ocean. The HMP process of Hanwha Systems ICT Division (000, high concentration treatment) is the natural purification with microbes and efficiently, safely and cost-effectively improves the water quality.

    Process diagram

    Waste water treatment: HMP process

    No odor
    No worry of complaints due to without odor Save construction and management costs with no need of facilities eliminating odor
    Hazardous germ removal
    Save construction and operation costs with no disinfection process
    Less sludge
    Save operation cost from less sludge generation
    CH4 increase
    More than 0.4㎥/kg COD of the bio gas Stable gas generation
    Save more than 30% of cost compared to other processes in the aspect of chemicals and power cost
    Treatment efficiency
    Treatment efficiency table
    Classification Inflow (mg/L) Discharged water (mg/L) Removal efficiency (%)
    Average 2,963 1,289 1,730 271 55 3.15 13.12 4.02 13.46 0.19 99.9 99.1 99.8 99.0 99.7

    Data measured from January to December 2015

Smart Security & Monitoring

Hanwha Systems ICT Division contributes to building safe cities and countries through its Integrated Security Platform which interates element technologies of latest IoT,
big data and intelligent surveillance analysis. Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the safe security platform in the situation where the security gains more importance due to increasing the security threat like the requirement for protecting major infrastructure like the electricity, water and gas, overpopulation in the city, increasing violent crimes, border disputes, increasing and protection of terrorism.


Smart Security & monitoring Field

Smart Security & monitoring Field data


  • Manage elements threatening the security through the event / alarm configuration
  • Apply the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to define the response in the case of threatening security for standardized operation.
Open Platform
  • Integrate the CCTV and access control gate, as well as 3rd party security devices like the radar, sonar and intrusion detection.
  • Provide the IoT-based device connectivity for flexible expansion in the security function.
  • Integrate and analyze individual information including the intelligent image analysis, sound analysis and facial recognition to minimize the detection error
  • Extract features of the tracking entity, combine them with the geographical information and provide the linked tracking for the subject


Hanwha Systems/ICT’s creative business solutions enhance the competitiveness of its customers in a rapidly changing market environmental
by optimizing their business processes and maximizing their operational efficiency.
  • EAGLE IBS Integrated management solution which monitors and controls various systems


    The Eagle-IBS solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division is the integrated management solution which monitors and controls various systems like the automatic control (BA), integrated security (TS), IT infrastructure (TC) with individual operation in the smart building. This reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), upgrades the operation efficiency and maximizes the building coziness and ROI.
    • Sector

      Integrated SI (Intelligent building system)
      System which integrates and manages various
      and independent BAS like the facility, power and lightings
      controls in the building into a single system
      Facility Management System (FMS)
      Working system for the facility manager and
      operation team which computerizes the working
      schedule, output registration, facility status and
      material status for the systematic operation
      Building Automation System (BAS)
      System controlling / monitoring major building
      components like the HVAC, power supply and
      demand and lightings with the computer (mainly dependent on the
      manufacturer and implemented with the single application)
      Energy Management System (EMS)
      Analyze the data from the AMI and IBS and find the
      energy-saving elements for the overall management
      (Provide regular consulting and report analysis service after the setup)
    • Expectation

      • Perfect protocol integration among heterogeneous control devices (BACnet, LonWorks, MODBUS, other non-compatible protocols)
      • Real-time monitoring and control through the Internet
      • No cost and infinitely expandable client system
      • Save more than 30% of the cost for the building maintenance during the lifecycle
      • Provide the effective facility, equipment and IDC center management in the visual environment
      • Unify the control over all the building-related control devices (regardless of brands and communication protocols) through the Internet
      • Complete information exchange with upper level IT (FMS, KMS, ERP, GROUPWARE, etc.)
    • Feature

      Provide solutions optimized to the IBS building construction through continuous solution advancement and reference

      Distributed system
      • It applies its own equipment (EDU) for the distribution of the system integration and unlike other systems not permitted to connect all the systems when the highest level server falls down, the system continuously provides individual services even when the highest level server falls down and secures the reliability and stability (prove the technical excellence by achieving the patent for the distribution system (2013))
      Latest WEB / mobile
      • Independent from the OS and browser by providing the web service based on the latest Web standard (HTML 5, CSS3)
      • Provide functions optimized for various mobile devices including the tablet and smartphone
      Flexible integration
      • Provide the service regardless of the user location through the Internet (remote control)
      • Center-based building energy management and maintenance service provision
      • Reduce the TCO for the server cloud formation
      Cloud Service
      • Implement various protocols from a lot of projects and easily accept new protocols
      • Forecast and simulate various energy use and cost prediction from cloud-based EMS performances
      • Optimize the operation by forming integrated functions among central monitoring tasks of the building as a single center
      Big data-based analysis
      • IBS integrated platform
      • Apply major data like the operating information, sensing data including temperature and humidity, metering information and alarm information accumulated to the IBS system to the advanced analysis to process to meaningful information like the operation control and energy-saving elements and provide them to the customer
  • EAGLE MES Provides various real-time data from the production site based on the factory information and automation system


    Hanwha Systems ICT Division MES solution provides various real-time data from the production site based on the factory information and automation system for a long time for the site operator / manager / director to help quick decision-making and production activities and reduce unnecessary elements. It is the core solution of the factory production operation for the purpose of effective production like the capacity and yield increase.
    • Feature

      • Solution which covers from the production plan to the site control rather than the process control simply limited to the production and manufacturing
      • Core solution for the efficient production based on the integrity, standardization, scalability, convenience and flexibility
      • UI composition for the user convenience considering the UX and interface provision
      • Provide various reports and real-time facility monitoring
      • Integrated production management for local / foreign sites and processes
    • Functions

      스마트 비즈 솔루션 Eagle MES 주요 핵심 기능 이미지
      Resource Allocation and Status
      Management of the history, status and availability of resources for work (Facility, raw material, material, etc.)
      Operations / Detailed Scheduling
      Specific process, process scheduling, process flow reflecting features of each process (facility routing) and facility operation and management
      Data Collection/ Acquisition
      Interface between the data collection and ERP for every setup time, manual / automatic link with the facility
      Quality Management
      SPC, quality data analysis, manufacturing / inspection process, test and measurement data management
      Process Management
      Production monitoring, support decision-making for operator, alarm management
      Product Tracking and Genealogy
      LOT, raw material, material, operator status, history management
      Performance Analysis
      Performance indicator analysis and management like the capacity, availability factor, Total Around Time (TAT), Tact time and yield
    • Example

      • MES setup in the module line in the Eumseong Factory of Hanwha Q-Cell
      • MES setup in the module line in the Malaysia Factory of Hanwha Q-Cell
      • MES setup of the CELL line in Jincheon 1 Factory of Hanwha Q-Cell
      • MES setup of the CELL line in Qidong Factory of Hanwha Q-Cell
      • MES setup in the Tianjin Factory, China of Hanwha Techwin
  • EAGLE EMS Analyzes the energy efficiency from individual facility to the entire system real time and evaluates the excessive energy consumption based on the previous pattern and target


    The energy-saving and eco-friendly business are the mandatory rather than the option and have become core parts of the business competitiveness. However, the systematic and continuous management plans are required to this end. The Energy Management System (EMS) is the most advanced solution which analyzes and controls the real-time monitoring of the energy use to reduce the energy consumption and optimize the energy facility operation.
    • Composition

      스마트 비즈 솔루션 Eagle MES 구성도 이미지
      스마트 비즈 솔루션 Eagle MES 구성도 이미지
      스마트 비즈 솔루션 Eagle MES 구성도 이미지
      The Total Management Center (TMC) provides the centralized monitoring for a lot of sites and energy reporting service.
      The Energy Management System (EMS) analyzes the energy efficiency from individual facility to the entire system real time and evaluates the excessive energy consumption based on the previous pattern and target.
      The Energy Management Infrastructure (EMI) stably transmits the facility operation and energy information real time.
    • Functions

      Integrated energy status dashboard:
      The service provides key energy data and energy-related information at a glance and the user can select the desired data, data type and arrangement.
      • Energy use status against the daily prediction
      • Energy efficiency level assessment for buildings and facilities
      • Building benchmark and comparison data provision
      Energy demand forecast and consumption pattern analysis
      The system monitors the total energy consumption and trend and can provide statistics, comparison and analysis of the data depending on conditions like the energy source, facility and time.
      • Various indicator analysis like the energy basic unit and basic cost
      • Correlation analysis between the external condition and energy consumption, etc.
      • Short- and long-term demand consumption based on the big data
      Facility efficiency management and operation optimization
      The system always monitors efficiency indicators for major facilities and provides the adequate operation guide if the efficiency drops or the energy-saving situation is expected.
      • Flow map and balance for the building energy
      • Feasibility and consistency analysis for facility operation
      • Provide tools for the energy efficiency calculation
      Energy management and handling greenhouse gases
      The system sets up the target for the reasonable energy management, monitors the real-time performance and manages indicators to cope with the management system for the greenhouse target.
      • ISO 50001-based energy management system
      • Set up the system for the continuous energy-saving activities
      • Create regulation comparison reports
    • Application

      Energy consulting and diagnosis

      Consulting and precise diagnosis from energy expert

      Eco-friendly consulting like the target management
      of greenhouse gases
      Energy status analysis and precise diagnosis
      Energy use efficiency and process improvement consulting
      Energy efficiency system

      Provide the system for the active energy management

      Energy use pattern and operation status diagnosis
      Measurement infrastructure design and construction
      Site-tailored operation support and training service
      Energy engineering

      Facility replacement and new and renewable energy design and construction

      Design and construction of facilities with
      high efficiency
      New and renewable energy consulting, construction
      and managemen
      ESCO project to mitigate customer investment burden
    • Feature

      The Eagle EMS solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the environment for the active energy management through the energy monitoring, optimized facility operation and energy-saving effect analysis and maximizes the energy-saving cost and operational efficiency for the customer. Also, the company achieves the grade 1 certificates of the IT construction, electricity construction and energy-saving corporation (ESCO) to be recognized as the new and renewable energy company.
      Free tailor-made system
      • Set up the system for the customer request and facility feature (Cloud, standalone)
      • Grade selection for the business scale (light, standard, premium)
      Organic relation with energy infrastructure
      (End-to-end connection
      • System integration know-how for the building and manufacturing site
      • Protocol drivers for major local and foreign manufacturers
      Continuous commissioning service
      • Frequent consulting from energy specialists
      • Regular reporting through the constant monitoring and analysis of energy data
    • Expectation

      Reduce the energy
      consumption and energy
      cost through upgrading the
      efficiency in energy facilities

      • The building saves about 5% and more than 12%
        of energy cost by introducing the EMS and replacing
        with high-efficiency facilities, respectively
        (Case study performed by Nikken Design for the
        EMS introduction)
      • The factory can upgrade up to 10% of the energy facility efficiency and save more than 10% of the energy cost with the process improvement (Result of major local chemical engineering sites)

      Effective handling of
      government regulation

      • Expand the range of companies for the
        green house target system and introduce
        the carbon voucher trade system (2015
      • Enhance the energy use notification system
        (Guideline for always disclosing the energy
        consumption record of Seoul government

      Set up sustainable
      energy management

      • Support energy managementcertificate like
        the ISO50001
      • Enhance the eco-friendly image and brand
  • ECO-WATER Integrated urban water management solution for effective management, operation and maintenance of urban streams, water supplies and sewage


    The Eco-Water solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division is the integrated urban water management solution for effective management, operation and maintenance of urban streams, water supplies and sewage. The solution can remotely monitor and control water purification / sewage treatment facilities and provide real-time monitoring information on the water flow and quality for effective operation with low cost.
    ECO-WATER image
    • Eco-Water Plant
      Water purification site management solution

      It sets up the real-time remote monitoring and control system for the water purification facility and optimally manages all the processes.

      [Feature and advantage]
      • The operator easily controls and monitors all the processes from taking in the water resources to the purification to supply safe drinking water
      • The system monitors and operates water purification facilities like the purification site and basin and the representing purification site integrates, monitors and operates small-sized purification facilities
      [Major function]
      • Remote monitoring / control of each treatment facility
      • Application for various water related treatments
      • Support the remote control and provide screen dedicated to the PDA
      • Process the DB information, automatically generate the web screen and support the graph
      • Provide backup, stable and efficient data management
      • Real-time notification of emergency situation to the operator
      • Remote monitoring / control through the PDA
      • Data report output
    • Eco-Water Pipe
      Operation and management solution
      for the water supply pipeline

      The system provides clean and safe running water through the real-time water quality and leakage management for the water supply pipeline.

      [Feature and advantage]
      • Support to quickly and safety provide the water cleanly treated in the purification site with no leakage
      • Improve the operation efficiency by setting up the database for the precise water supply and demand
      [Major function]
      • Flow generation and pressure monitoring inside the water supply pipeline
      • Provide various analyses for the water supply pipeline operation (water leakage, pipeline scale, etc.)
      • Manage the water supply record and provide various information based on the GIS
      • Block monitoring for effective management of the unit block
      • Pump and valve facility control for immediate action in the case of the water leakage
      • Compare and analyze water leakage / flow rate for each block
    • Eco-Sewer Pipe
      Operation and management solution for
      the sewage pipeline

      The system effectively manages wasted and sewage water through the real-time water quality and flow analysis in the sewage pipeline and makes the city clean

      [Feature and advantage]
      • It monitors the functions of the sewer to safely drain wasted and sewage water and provides the efficiency and convenience to the facility operation and maintenance
      • It provides the linked analysis through the data transmission standard and method based on the standard of the Environmental Management Corporation
      [Major function]
      • Provide the GIS-based service
      • Develop the module solution considering the scalability
      • Automatic diagnosis system for the flow measurement
      • Real-time monitoring of the sewage and water quality for the sewer
      • Water leakage analysis based on the real-time data
      • Flow, water quality and rainfall search and analysis
    • Eco-Sewer Plant
      Operation and management solution for
      sewage treatment facility

      The automatic remote control system for the sewage treatment facility enables the water quality based on the precise analysis, monitors and manages the water quality to reach the standard quality.

      [Feature and advantage]
      • Support easy control and monitoring of each treatment process to properly treat the used water based on the discharge water quality standard
      • Monitor the measurement values for each treatment process in the facility and provide integrated monitoring and operation of representing or small-sized facilities
      [Major function]
      • Real-time control and graphic monitoring of each process
      • Search for process information data and alarm generation and management for the abnormal process
      • Remote control support and PDA-dedicated screen provision
      • Process the DB information and automatically generate to the web screen
      • Easy control with the user-based information interface
    • Eco-Nonpoint
      Excellent initial management solution

      The system separately manages initial rainwater with high pollution and the water with excellent quality to protect the water quality from pollutants in the rain.

      [Feature and advantage]
      • Manage the first flushing treatment facility to prevent the water pollution in the rainfall and support safe and clean waterfront space
      • Effectively manage the rain reservoir in the rain and monitor illegal water discharge
      [Major function]
      • Real-time monitoring, control and alarm management
      • Water level and conductivity data search
      • Organic analysis of the rainfall, conductivity, water level and flow
      • Automatic generation of daily / weekly / monthly / yearly reports
    • Eco-River
      Stream management solution

      The system prevents the stream overflow through the stream flow and water quality monitoring and manages the stream with clean and abundant flow.

      [Feature and advantage]
      • Monitor the water quality in the urban area and provide safe and clean water environment information
      • Support the total amount system for the water quality pollution in the basin
      [Major function]
      • Real-time monitoring and management not to pollute the water source
      • Real-time notification of the water pollution to the responsible personnel
      • Water flow and quality data search and stream pollution load analysis
      • Automatic generation of daily / weekly / monthly / yearly reports Function
    • Eco-FMS
      Facility management solution

      Support the clean water management through the aging management of basic environment facilities like the water purification and sewage treatment facilities

      [Feature and advantage]
      • The system makes the resources of facilities, structures, technologies and information DB to support the effective maintenance system
      • The system maintains major facilities in the water purification and sewage treatment facilities to the optimal state and provides the automatic control for the minimum workforce
      [Major function]
      • Use the RFID to achieve the underground facility information
      • Manage the benchmark data for the workforce, facilities, tools and work procedure
      • Facility management like the facility information, configuration and history management
      • Material management like the material collections and payment and history management
      • Work management like the preventive maintenance and work instructions
      • Analysis and report of the facility, work history and failure
    • Eco-Portal
      Integrated water management

      Provide the information like the water quality and flow to promote the safety of the running water and upgrade the operation transparency

  • E-DOCUMENT Provides the security service based on the biometrics


    The E-Document solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the security service based on the biometrics in the situation where the risk of illegal and evasion activities with private information rises. The e-National ID project which stores the fingerprint and retina data to the chip in the smart card for the identification safely protects the private information from illegal theft.
    • Field

      Electronic social
      registration card
      Electronic national
      Electronic medical
      insurance card
    • Composition

      스마트 비즈 E DOCUMENT 솔루션 분야 이미지
    • Expectation


      • The ID card based on the biometrics prevents the risk of
        illegal use by the authentication with the stored biometrics even in the
        case of lost or theft.
      • The electric vote based on the authentication with the biometrics
        prevents the risk of redundant voting and illegal use of ID cards.


      • The medical information like the blood type and particular issues (allergy)
        stored in the ID card safely protects the life by enabling the rapid treatment
        in the emergency.
      • The system prevents the illegal use and beneficiary by the authentication
        based on the biometrics in the clinic or pharmacy and provides the transparent
        medical insurance coverage.