System Integration

Manufacture & Construction

The company provides cutting-edge IT solutions to support the customer business innovation and create higher added values by combining the IT system with the traditional manufacturing / construction industries based on the system establishment and operation know-how in the manufacturing (gunpowder / defense, chemistry / emulsification, energy, machine, solar power, etc.) and construction sectors of Hanwha Group.

Project overview

The company provides optimal solutions to support the business rationalization and competitiveness enhancement ranging from the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Interactive Purchasing System (IPS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Knowledge Management (KM), Executive Management System (EIS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), IoT (Internet of Things), platform, R&D management system and groupware and security solutions.
The company provides optimal construction solutions for the construction management system for and integrated management for each construction site to sharpen the competitiveness edge for construction customers.
Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides not only solutions specialized in the construction industry like the construction, civil engineering and plant but also urban development projects like the land development, sales and construction to improve the engineering productivity and cost effectiveness for customers.


Enterprise Resources System (ERP)
The company implements the business process innovation through the global standard ERP and premium ERP solution (SFAR ERP) developed by the company for the integrated information system of the customer and provides the complete information system foundation toward the advanced business to effectively manage the developing and complicated company structure and business methods.


Hanwha Systems ICT Division additionally links various solutions like the HR / IPS / KM / GW / EDMS / CRM to the business system including the finance / accounting / sales / purchase to implement the complete integrated information system and set up the foundation for the business innovation, competitiveness security and strategic business administration to contribute to achieving business goals.
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
The Supply Chain Management (SCM) means the overall management process to deliver right products to the right place and right time for the customer. The SCM solution of Hanwha Systems ICT Division supports all the logistics processes including the planning, procurement, production, order / shipment and includes the whole fields like the SCP, SCE and SRM.


The company implements the complete interface with the ERP system to realize the integrated information provision, sets up and provides inclusive supply chain management system with the RFID and IoT sensors to lead the logistics system innovation for the customer.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) means the integrated technology and service framework which integrates and manages all the information on the product (CAD data, technical document, specification, test data, work standard, process chart, AS manual, etc.) during the product lifecycle.


Hanwha Systems ICT Division accumulates and manages various information from the produce design / development process through setting up the PLM solution based on the smart factory, reduces the production / development period and cost and upgrades the quality to sharpen the competitiveness edge of the customer.
Process Innovation (PI) /
Information Strategy Planning (ISP)
  • The Process Innovation (PI) eliminates unnecessary elements from all the sectors of business activities like the work process, organization and IT through the process innovation and sets up the effective work process to maximize the company value.
  • The Information Strategy Planning (ISP) flexibly copes with business strategies and environment changes and sets up the integrated system and direction for effective strategy implementation for the organization to effectively achieve future growth goals.


Hanwha Systems ICT Division innovatively improves the business based on the industrial and business capabilities for the effective business and sharp competitive edge, provides change management services after the project and supports successful business consulting services for the customer.


The finance industry has struggled to improve the structure and secure new profit businesses after the global financial crisis. Here, the finance IT is the requirement rather than the choice to rapidly cope with the finance environment changes and the finance IT is the key element for the financial companies sharpening the competitive edge through the development of new business models and efficient internal business.

Project overview

Hanwha Systems ICT Division perfectly copes with changes in the financial institutions like the insurance, securities, investment banks and banks with the experience in financial projects of affiliates of Hanwha Group including Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Fire Insurance and Hanwha Securities and effectively supports new business model development based on its secured olutions. Also, the company provides the smart business with the Internet and mobile devices and contributes to enhancing the competitiveness and creating profits, as well as upgrading the customer satisfaction.
Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides efficient and advanced IT services through the prior proposal and consulting which understands and proposes customer needs based on deep understanding of changes in the financial environment and provides total financial services covering the next-generation system for financial companies, system setup for organizations / information, pension, bancassurance, mobile / cyber marketing, asset management (finance / trust / bond, etc.), Risk Management System (RMS) and security solutions.


Next-Generation System
The company successfully performed next-generation projects for Hyundai Life Insurance and Dongbu Fire Insurance with the system setup experience, as well as next-generation systems for Shinhyup and AIG as the next-generation project participant. Also, the company hold various capabilities covering core systems for the insurance industry like the advanced project for Hanwha Insurance and IFRS.
The company has successfully completed more than 10 projects for various financial sectors and pension system for insurance and security companies from the pension system setup for Hanwha Life Insurance and expanded the business scope with the requirement for re-establishment of pension like the legal revision for the pension system enforced from December, 2015.
Mobile / Cyber Marketing
The company fully supports various online activities for customers including the next-generation system setup for the insurance industry and expands its fields to the CM system setup to maximize the customer value, mobile apps considering the user convenience, FP business portal, big data and pintech.
Financial Plan
Now is the time to set up the system to enhance the competitiveness in financial companies as the barrier in the market has disappeared by the Financial Market Integration Act for the financial design, trust system and security sales system. Hanwha Systems ICT Division is ready to implement the integrated financial design system with cutting-edge financial techniques to Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Insurance and Hanwha Securities and expand it to similar industries.
The company actively prepares the bancassurance service in the banking industry as the service has been emerged as the major issue, has successfully implemented stable bancassurance systems on NH Life Insurance, Nonghyup Deduction, Hanwha Investment & Securities, Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Insurance, Green Insurance and Ssangyong Insurance and recently the company has prepared to expand businesses to the Internet bank bancassurance.
The company successfully completed projects for the 1st IFRS (2004 - 2019) to standardize the insurance accounting principles for Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Insurance, MG Insurance, Seoul Guarantee Insurance and KB Life Insurance and thoroughly prepares to provide the complete system integration service for the 2nd IFRS (2020 -) with the experience and know-how from the previous project and excellent human resources.

Service & Leisure

The company provides specific services for the customer in the service / leisure industries emerged as the future industries.
The company provides not only the marketing and customer management, the most important factors in the service / leisure industry, but also the best industrial competitiveness at the national level based on various IT service experiences with the MACS (Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Security).

Project overview

The company supports the preemptive competitive edge, profitability and speed business in the fierce service / distribution fields and actively copes with various customer requests to provide the tailor-made and optimal services.
The company provides the logistics-related solutions including the integrated information system, Data Warehouse / CRM and business management system for premium department stores, duty-free shops and online shopping malls.
The company provides distinct systems and services meeting demands for leisure / resort companies with the experience in providing premium leisure / service solutions to local resorts, hotels, golf courses and water parks.
In particular, the company contributes to enhancing competitive edge for customers and has secured capabilities as a special company in building the global resort system through the system development, building and operation for several years with Hanwha Hotel & Resort with the largest number (12) of local resorts in the hotel and resort industries.


Integrated System for Resort / Hotel
  • The company fully copes with industrial changes and customer demands by invigorating the leisure culture and introducing new technologies and maximizes the information application through the integrated system for all the sites.
  • The company sets up the integrated work process standard for efficient productivity and realizes the customer-centered services from mobile-based smart resort (monitoring, room management, troubleshooting, mobile key) to contribute to sharpening the competitive edge for the customer.
Service / Distribution and Sales
  • The company preempts the competitive edge in the fierce distribution market like the department store and duty-free shop, focuses on profits, supports the speed business and sets up the business management system to actively handle various demands from customers and maximizes the business management efficiency.
  • Not only the systems dedicated to the distribution and software provision, Hanwha Systems ICT Division organically combines distributed systems for systematic processes, real-time site-based management and flexible integrated management system. Also, the company provides cutting-edge solutions based on the IoT like Beacon to maximize customer service value.
  • Omni-channel, mobile device and smarter back-office technologies have changed customer expectations, experiences and businesses. The company provides the optimal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services with the work process based on the insight into the business environment of the company customer.
  • The company accurately analyzes various requirements and trends of the customer to prevent the customer secession, to maintain the relation and to provide effects like the sales increase and customer satisfaction increase.
  • Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the optimal CRM service for the distribution customer environment covering the operation CRM, analysis CRM and IPCC-based integrated CRM based on the CRM service experience for entire industries.


Hanwha Systems/ICT’s creative business solutions enhance the competitiveness of its customers in a rapidly changing market environmental
by optimizing their business processes and maximizing their operational efficiency.
  • SFAR PREM_ERP The convenience of Client/Server Systems
    into a single solution.


    SFAR is our premium ERP, a new e-business concept that consolidates the access convenience of the Web, practical user interfaces, and the convenience of Client/Server Systems into a single solution.
    • System overview

      SFAR PREM_ERP 시스템 개요 이미지
    • Feature

      Advanced IT
      • Apply the HONE framework for active engagement in business changes
      • Cost-saving and flexibility through the infrastructure cloud application
      • Security through the DB encryption / access control
      Modulization by unit systems
      • Create Semi-Package by industry
      • Possible to compose Light Version according to corporation’s size
      Personalized System
      • Authority is applied by individual/role for all work
      • Creation of My Portal/My Menu
      • Risk Warning System is realized by individual
      ISS <Information Self Service>Realization
      • Possible to download prompt and accurate management analysis materials in the form of Excel files or users at proper times
      Integrate the benefits of ERP and Legacy
      • ERP features : Integrated system / Modulization / System stability
      • Legacy features : User convenience / Easy maintenance / Flexible to environment changes
    • Expectation

      Strengthening with efficiency
      & inter-working

      Inter-working Data Reinforcement
      • Secure consistent data flow
      • Enhance work level excluding dual
        management of information
      Increase Efficiency of Unit Work
      • Building of work systems optimized to the job
      • strengthen management Save costs through efficient work process

      Foundation for integrating
      information system

      Provide Various Management information
      • Compose the analysis material for planning
        and strategy set-up
      • Provide real time business information
        through the web
      Activate Communication
      • Establish an infra to integrate formal/informal information in consideration of inter-working
        in-house information
      • Apply standard metadata for interworking information

      Foundation for information system development

      Utilize knowledge of Work
      • Secure infra to interwork information for working process, knowledge management and EP by department
      Develop into information Portal
      • Build a foundation for the internet service to the customers in the future
      • To build an information foundation for activating community
  • HONE FRAMEWORK An open standard-based qualified
    framework, enabling proactive responses to
    business changes


    The HONE (Hanwha ONE) Framework of Hanwha Systems ICT Division is the integrated application development framework based on Java to meet the request for saving cost and flexible manpower operation at the system operation level, scalability and versatility by the request for securing the competitiveness in the development aspect, upgrading the development convenience and standardization.
    • System overview

      z The HONE Framework not only provides not only the execution, development and operation environment beyond the library provision in the execution environment by the existing framework but also supports various aspects of the project lifecycle.
      SFAR PREM_ERP 시스템 개요 이미지
    • Feature

      The HONE Framework is the verified framework based on the open standard to actively cope with business changes.
      • Open standard architecture, reflecting the latest IT trends
      • Based on current open sources, including Spring, a de-facto standard
      • Consists of independent and emergency licensed goods for specific vendors and products
      • Use the Spring framework with excellent scalability for easy link with other open sources or solution
      • Link and easy expansion with related solution depending on clearly separated layers for each role
      • Flexible architecture with the inheritance of framework functions for scalability
      • Component-based architecture for easy replacement and expansion upon new request
      • Various expansion at the framework level against various environment changes
      • Minimize the modification impact for stable function change and expansion
      • Provide framework-based consistent standard and development direction
      • Provide integrated development environment to upgrade the development productivity
      • Provide the integrated operation environment for integrated system operation and management
    • Expectation

      The HONE Framework secures standardized technology foundation, enables the high-quality and flexible application and secures more stable and efficient fundamental system.
      Productivity upgrade
      • Provide standard implementation as the semi-finished product for less implementation amount
      • Improve the convenience and save training cost by the automatic code generation
      • Maximize work efficiency with the integrated development (IDE)
      Quality upgrade
      • Based on Spring framework verified from a lot of references
      • Force standardization by the prior implementation with various solutions
      Effective HR management
      • Reduce the quality gap for each developer led by architect / senior developer
      • Use the programming method for short-term training
      Efficient maintenance
      • Standardized framework for easy system integration and transfer
      • Secure maintenance consistency through integrating the company framework
      Secure stability
      • Secure performance by verified framework application
      • Mitigate risk from new technology adaptation
  • HONE SMART PLATFORM Provides the environment for
    the company to set up and
    operate the mobility environment


    The HONE Smart Platform is the hybrid mobile platform combining the advantages of the Web and mobile OS. It supports various mobile OS and devices and provides the mobile-specific operation and distribution environment to effectively develop, operate and manage the entire mobility services in the integrated mobile platform.
    • System overview

      The HONE Smart Platform provides the environment for the company to set up and operate the mobility environment. It covers various mobile OS and devices, develops services with the One Source Multi Use (OSMU) for rapid and efficient service and provides advanced operation and distribution environment to minimize the development period and cost.
      Hybrid platform
      • Platform providing the intermediate layer between the Web and
        Native layers
      • Provide the interface to use the Native source
      • Provide the encryption and the abstract interface connecting
        3rd party products
      • Provide clients for Android and iOS
      • Environment for
      • Android 14 or higher
      • Use Android Studio
      • 525MB+ HDD
      • iOS 7.0 or higher
      Integrated management operation
      • Mobile integration environment at the company level
      • Integrated management for the company Apps, Web registration
        and distribution
      • Mobile common service for the terminal authentication
        and push message
      • Searching for type and connection for mobile app devices
      • 52MB+ HDD (Operations)
      • 76MB+ HDD (Admin)
      • MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Tibero
        Jeus6, Weblogic 10, Tomcat6.0
        Unix, Window, Linux
      Integrated service gateway
      • Service-related system integration and framework
      • Standard integrated service like the TCP, EAI and SOAP
      • Architecture for smooth integration with the service
        expansion and flexible integration
      • 92MB+ HDD
      • MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Tibero
        Jeus6, Weblogic 10, Tomcat6.0
        Unix, Window, Linux
      Integrated Development IDE
      • Development integration environment for Web and Legacy-related
      • Provide data binding, UI coding, service-related development function
      • Integrated development environment based on Eclipse (IDE Plugin)
      • Eclipse Kelper version
      • 17.4MB+ HDD
    • Feature

      It can be applied to any field for the mobile service provision for the company like the SFA, CRM, FFA and groupware.
      Hybrid Platform
      • Structure adapting advantages of
        native and web
      • Provide the plugin interface for the
      One Source Multi Use
      • Provide native platforms for each OS
      • UX adaptation with various resolutions
      Integrated management administrator
      • Provide the integrated product management
      • Integrated management function for the
        registration and distribution of the
        mobile app and web
      Integration gateway
      • Provide various standard interface adapters
      • Professional management with the
        integrated IDE
      Service and App development
      • Provide the IDE for the service development
      • Provide debugging functions for the
        Web development
      • Provide network security functions
      • Provide various resource security functions
      Resources architecture
      • Real-time update of the screen resources
      • Provide the App and web resource
        management admin
      Hybrid Platform expansion
      • Architecture easy to adapt external
      • Provide platform expansion mechanism
      Additional platform functions
      • Default QR code and notice
      • Provide various adapters like the
        push-linked interface
    • Expectation

      Saving Total Cost of
      Ownership (TCO)

      • Save the cost for the common
        functions by the One Source Multi
        Use (OSMU) introduction
      • Prevent the excessive and redundant
        development of mobile services
      • Upgrade the efficiency and
        maintenance through integrated
        mobile service management

      Increase reuse rate

      • Reuse already developed services
      • Propose the enterprise standard for
        the development to upgrade the
        productivity and quality
      • Provide verified components
        for reuse

      Minimum restriction
      and standard provision

      • Introduce the web standard method
        to provide N-screen foundation for
        the company
      • Provide various standard interfaces
        for the implementation
      • Seamless combination with 3rd
        party solutions
      • Easy combination with various
        open sources and packages
        through the development-type
        open source frameworks

      Easy service addition

      • Provide new services only with the
        Web development and linked
        service addition without modifying
        and newly developing mobile App
      • Provide flexible structure for the
        service expansion and secure
        consistent quality