IT Outsourcing

Application Management Service

The IT outsourcing consigns the entire or a part of information management and activities like the software, hardware and HR related to the system to an independent organization for the management. The application operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides services like the application operation, maintenance, function and functional improvement to the customer.


The application operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division covers the
manufacturing / national defense, service / leisure / construction / distribution
and financial sectors. The company sets up the service operation system based on international
standards like the ISO 20000 and ITIL and implements continuous service
improvement process from the lifecycle aspect to provide global IT services.

In particular, the application operation service of the company stably manages
customer IT system based on the IT expertise for the customer to focus on its
businesses. In addition, the service provides various premium services like system
proposal with new technologies and trends, biz consulting for the business
innovation and architecture for the system efficiency to upgrade customer values
and support the innovation.


The ITO of Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides various services to Hanwha Group and
grows together with affiliates of the group.
Application Operation Service
Application system operation in various groups
ERP Operation Service
ERP (SAP, ORACLE) system or core system of the group operation
Groupware Service
Groupware system provision and operation for
the organizational collaboration
Business Enabler Service
Support the service for the process change in the customer business to cope with the optimal service through the IT system
Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides service reflecting customer industry features.

한화S&C 어플리케이션 운영서비스

Manufacturing / National Defense Industry
  • The company provides the ERP, MES and SCM services for factories or the feature of the manufacturing industry.
  • The company performs the big data analysis system for the internal information collection in the IoT-based factory, process efficiency and demand forecast to play a leading role in the smart factory sector.
Service / Leisure / Construction / Distribution Industry
  • The company provides POS operation service focusing on the customer convenience in the fields of the department store, resort and hotel.
  • The company supports the customer marketing through the big data analysis based on the CRM for the customer service satisfaction and expands service areas with online / offline convergence services like the location-based service, O2O and Omni-channel with the beacon.
Financial Industry
  • The company tries to upgrade the service quality for the seamless streamline / information systems in the life insurance, fire insurance and security sectors.
  • The company supports mobile first / big data strategies and related IT systems like the mobile channel, simple payment and big data analysis to become the leader in the pintech and big data sectors.
  • The company provides common services for the groupware, HRM / HRD to group affiliates and services for external customers
  • The company develops and manages the schedule / mail / meeting integration system and cloud-based workspace online / offline basis to support effective work beyond time and spatial limits to support the smart work for Hanwha group.
Premium Service
  • The company provides the customer IT analysis and consulting services on the business basis with experts in sectors to upgrade the customer IT system.
  • The company benchmarks best practices in the world and proposes requirements first for the customer to bridge the gap in global counterparts and be equipped with global system competitiveness.


Contribute to securing competitiveness in core businesses of the
customer based on the insight into the future business and technical
Reduce the operation cost and improve the proceed to
provide competitiveness edge

Infra Management Service

Hanwha Systems ICT Division network service is equipped with expertise and competitiveness through network consulting and setup, operation and maintenance for various sectors like the gunpowder, national defense, machine, distribution, chemistry, construction and finance and foreign customers. In addition, the company recently provided the smart work infrastructure service to lead the IT trend. The company implements high-level network architecture based on accumulated know-how and technologies, provides stable and optimized network environment and adds values to customers.


Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides the optimized global network service environment for various industries based on international standard models including the international standard for the IT service management or IS 20000 and information security certificate or IS 27001. It secures the business continuity based on the network expertise, understand customer requests and provides best services.


  • Network Management Servicemore

    The company provides reliable network environment through the Hanwha Systems/ICT Internet Data Center (IDC).
    The company provides the environment for the customer to access from everywhere through the Hanwha Systems/ICT IDC
    with the broadband network and provides seamless network services 24-7.

    Hanwha Systems/ICT Global Network Service

    네트워크 관리 서비스

  • Network Control Servicemore

    It detects and handles abnormal symptoms in the network or security vulnerabilities and analyzes the network,
    resources management for various equipment and real-time traffic to secure customer business continuity.

  • Mobile Infrastructure Servicemore

    The requirement for securing the wireless communication speed and security has been emerged as the number of internal smart device users increases.
    Hanwha Systems ICT Division audits the wireless environment of the customer and provides the consulting for the optimized wireless LAN service.
    This improves the service speed and secures the integrity through the user authentication and wireless data encryption.

    Wireless network diagram

    무선 네트워크 구성도

    • Provide the best wireless service through the wireless networking standard
    • Provide wireless LAN service up to 1.3Gbps through the high-performance AP introducing 3x3 MIMO technology for the first time in the industry
    • Provide centralized and convenient wireless LAN management and optimized wireless environment
    • Illegal AP detection and prevention, strong wireless LAN authentication security and wireless section encryption for internal information resources protection
    • Set up systematic security policies in internally used smart devices
  • Global Communication Network Servicemore

    It is the next-generation integrated service which may use broadband multimedia services converging the communication, broadcasting and Internet anytime and anywhere with stability. It performs various services like the Internet, data reception / transmission, VoIP, video call, IPTV and multimedia and provides services optimized for the customer environment through various solutions.


Upgrade the business stability
based on network expertise
Upgrade customer service quality
through international standard models
Provide tailor-made services to the
customer through business consulting
Provide the global business continuity
through 24-7 control
Upgrade the productivity and work satisfaction
through high-quality network infrastructure setup

Cloud Management Service

The cloud operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division quickly and stably provides high-quality IT infrastructure when the customer wants. The HONE Cloud solution, 'Hanwha number ONE Cloud', of Hanwha Systems ICT Division achieved ISO 27017 or the internal certificate on the cloud security and is recognized to have the security and stability.


The HONE Cloud is based on the OpenStack or the actual cloud standard and
provides server, storage, network, backup, security and managed serviced
in real time.

The customer does not have to plan the IT infrastructure introduction from
several months before in the HONE Cloud environment, can quickly respond
business changes and save IT infrastructure cost by receiving the required
amount of services in real time.

서비스 개요


The HONE Cloud service begins with the private cloud serviced by the IaaS and expands services to the PaaS, SaaS and public cloud.
HONE Cloud service

HONE Cloud 서비스


Quantitative Effect

The TCO analysis in the case study of the customer in the manufacturing sector shows that the customer can expect the cost-saving effect of 22% for 5 years in the case of using the cloud service compared to the on-premise method.
On-premise vs. cloud cost generation comparison

On-Premise vs. Cloud 비용 발생 방식 비교

  • 56% of the total cost in the 1st year for the existing on-premise
  • Cost with consistent cost generation for the cloud service
  • 28% of the 1st year-cost compared to the on-premise for the cloud service

Qualitative Effect

The user can quickly receive the required IT infrastructure for the business service through the HONE Cloud and use the service under the safe private cloud environment with the security.

정성적 효과


Security Stability

The HONE Cloud service achieved the ISO 27017 in September 6, 2016, is controlled by the security procedure at the international level and can secure the international and safe cloud operation services.

Selection Diversity

The HONE Cloud service can selectively provide services depending on the customer workload like the cloud VM, Bare-Metal (physical server) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
ISO 27017
ISO 27017 The international certificate system which handles guidelines for the
security control and implementation protection for the cloud security
of the cloud service provider

System Management Service

The system operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division supports uninterrupted IT operation 24-7 to internal and external enterprise business customers and provides overall IT infrastructure operation services from the server resources sizing to the hardware and software installation, maintenance, upgrade, patch, backup and restoration. The systematic experts in the company provides distinct and qualified services for the efficient and stable business continuity.


The system operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division complies with strict security standards like the ISO 27001 (information security certification), Information Security Management System (ISMS) and international standard for the cloud security system (ISO/IEC 27017) based on the ISO 20000 (IT service management) and provides optimal services with the proper operational ground in line with the purpose and request from the customer.
  • Hardware management and software operation including physical and virtual servers and storages in the system
  • System resources management and provisioning
  • Centralized intensive system monitoring 24-7
  • Enterprise system backup and emergency restoration
  • Remote online vaulting against data losses (VTL storage)


The system operation service of Hanwha Systems ICT Division provides services like the capacity calculation for the infrastructure, monitoring, performance management, backup management, infrastructure trouble management, change management and integrated reporting based on various experiences and know-how in sectors like the finance / manufacturing / service for Hanwha Group.
Server Operation
The special SE with overall knowledge covering hardware like the server, storage, San switch and network devices, AIX, LINUX and Windows Server OS. The specialist thoroughly analyzes and reviews new and current systems for the customer and provides the infrastructure environment to provide stable services in line with the system purpose.
DB Operation
The company manages local and foreign commercial / open-source DBMS like ORACLE, Tibero, MS-SQL and Sybase. The company performs the troubleshooting as well as basic operations like the DB engine management, performance and trouble monitoring, object management, backup / restoration. Also, it performs multilateral system analysis to upgrade database performance like the SQL analysis / tuning, data use trend analysis and various statistical analysis.
WAS Operation
The company operates commercial software like Weblogic, JEUS and Websphere and open- source WEB/WAS like Apache and JBoss. It operates the middleware with a wide range of IT system knowledge as a bridge between the server, DB infrastructure and JAVA application. Also, it provides optimized solutions to the customer through continuous WAS performance improvement, trouble diagnosis and troubleshooting.
SAP Infrastructure Operation
The special SAP BC (Basic Consultant) who widely understands a wide range of IT knowledge operates the infrastructure of the SAP ERP system. The system introduction forms the hardware sizing and entire system interface and supports the operation of the SAP installation, patch, user and license management, performance monitoring and tuning and link with the external interface.


Hanwha Systems ICT Division is in line with the global top trend. The company is equipped with the service-centered internal development monitoring solution and system beyond the application and provides the efficient and integrated system operation service which understands the business transaction and the link with the IT resources infrastructure through the customer work-unit monitoring.


Maximize the infrastructure
support and management
efficiency based on expertise
Quick trouble response with
24-7 monitoring service
Secure the business stability with
rapid and accurate data backup /
OS optimization through
continuous quality
improvement service

* Location and contact : Hanwha Data Center (Jukjeon-dong, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do)

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Security Operation Service

The integrated security operation center is built in Hanwha Jukjeon Data Center as the internal and external threats on major company facilities and information assets are emerged and there needs to integrate and monitor separated information security and physical security and the company would provide prevent the threats in advance and q uickly provide replaceable services in customer companies by utilizing the group network.

보안관제 서비스


Integrated Security Policies
Define physical and information security elements and set up policies of security levels for each customer site
Integrated Security Consulting
Provide consulting services related to diagnosis and improvement in the physical and information security level for each customer site
Integrated Access Security Monitoring
  • Upgrade access security and control facility / building construction and integrated maintenance for the customer site
  • Real-time management, operation and monitoring service for customer employees and directors and contractor employees on the cloud basis
Integrated Image Monitoring
  • Upgrade image security and control facility / building construction and integrated maintenance for the customer site
  • Real-time image monitoring and control service for the customer site based on the cloud
Integrated Information Security Control
Customer IT network and private information security Supply, installation, operation / monitoring services for solutions
Converged Security Service
Provide detection of major asset theft and rapid post-response service through the digital footprint analysis like the information acees log by malicious person, entry and image record tracking and analysis
Integrated Security Service
  • Peripheral security : Peripheral defense system for major facilities, penetration prevention facilities and systems setup, operation and maintenance
  • Eavesdropping prevention : Set up, operate and maintain eavesdropping and candid camera prevention system for grade 1 facilities
  • IoT environment security : Set up, operate and maintain accident and disaster detection sensors and systems in major facilities
Security Consulting
  • Authentication consulting : Consulting to achieve certifications regarding local and foreign information protection and privacy information system management
  • Integrated information protection consulting : Set up the system to upgrade the intergrated information / private information protection management level for affiliates
  • Security compliance check : Check the compliance with regulatory agencies and overall regulations, security audit and compliance diagnosis


  • Upgrade overall security level of the group by bridging the gap between the physical and information securities
  • Replace the RFID card lack of security functions with the smart card to fundamentally block the risk of copying the employee ID card
  • Prevent security breaches by applying the real-time policies related to the access control change in retirees and contractor employees
  • Effective management of risk and disaster by the real-time image monitoring in the remote site and factories
  • Prevent security accidents by the prior-identification and response in internal and external people and assets through the behavior analysis
  • Prevent the secondary damage with the quick response in the case of the accident by collecting and managing various converged security data
TCO saving
  • Save the purchasing cost by the physical and systematic integration of various infrastructures like the image monitoring and access control
  • Save the security system downtime by the integrated maintenance in various security infrastructure
  • Automatic access registration and visiting the cafeteria if a person visits the affiliate site with the smart card-type access card
  • Link various functions like the credit card with the employee ID card